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GDPR is the new sudo

I’ve been informed about an existing profile using my name, experience and accomplishments on a well-known linkedin-like platform. I’m not (and ever was) an user of this platform. Moreover, the data on this profile was causing me issues to get some paperwork to be approved, so I needed this to be corrected. I decided to reach out to the platform to ask for the data to be corrected: Jérôme, Jul 14, 00:58 PDT

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2017 in retrospect

Place to the usual New Year retrospective. 2017 has been the first one I spent nearly fully abroad, so travels have taken an important place this year. Since I’ve been living in California for work it was also an important topic - I: have (finally) been graduated from UTBM, released 13 AdwCleaner versions and did cool things at work, wrote several articles, improved my English skills (although my accent is still awful),

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Snuffleu…what? Let’s begin by a quote from the authors: We’re hosting a lot of various █████████████ php applications using CMS ████████ ████████ ██████████████████ ████████████ ████████████, and we’d like to prevent our customers from being pwned. Snuffleupagus is a PHP7+ extension which takes a lot of inspiration from Suhosin, a nice piece of software which used to work great for previous PHP versions with some limitations (no virtual patching for instance) but it unfortunately doesn’t for the v7 and beyond.

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AdwCleaner v7.0.0.0

I have been working on AdwCleaner version 7 since last year during countless hours and week-ends, so I’m happy to get it released a few hours ago! adwcleaner It’s a complete rewrite in C++ with improved capabilities and fancy features: //////// v7.0.0.0 - 17/07/17 //////// This release is a complete rewrite. [ADD] New graphical interface (responsive and easier to use) [ADD] New database format, with concept of family [ADD] Additional actions per family [ADD] Most of JRT technology now included [ADD] New database management system [ADD] Use of a CDN to provide database downloads [ADD] No longer dependant on 3rd parties dll [ADD] In-App updater [ADD] "Submit samples" menu entry [UPD] Database 2017-07-17.

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AVCertClean - Clean legit certificates from the untrusted store

For several days, an adware sets several legit code signing certificate as untrusted. Unfortunately, it blocks famous security software so that they can’t run properly. It also affects including AdwCleaner which is signed by a Malwarebytes certificate. AdwCleaner unable to start A manual solution exists but it’s unpractical for a non-computer friendly user, so I wrote a quick (and dirty) tool to automatically unblock them: Download AVCertClean

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Wikipedia blocked in Turkey

The censorship of Wikipedia in Turkey since Saturday 29 April seems to be effective with all Turkish ISP. Thus, for those affected, a alternative access is available on https://wp.fr33tux.org and soon with an Onion Service: https://wp.fr33tux.org - EN https://tr.wp.fr33tux.org - TR https://fr.wp.fr33tux.org - FR https://ceb.wp.fr33tux.org - CEB https://sv.wp.fr33tux.org - SV https://de.wp.fr33tux.org - DE https://ru.wp.fr33tux.org - RU https://it.wp.fr33tux.org - IT https://es.wp.fr33tux.org - ES

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Renewal of toolslib.net SSL certificate

The new certificate for https://toolslib.net is now online. It is valid from 15/04/2017 until 11/05/2018. The new SHA256 fingerprint is : F9:56:B0:23:C9:21:56:DC:AB:9C:52:BC:E4:0F:30:B8:B6:B4:55:D6:2C:C2:F8:72:20:F1:B2:4B:F4:DD:FB:4F You can verify it with my signature : -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA256 F9:56:B0:23:C9:21:56:DC:AB:9C:52:BC:E4:0F:30:B8:B6:B4:55:D6:2C:C2:F8:72:20:F1:B2:4B:F4:DD:FB:4F -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- iHIEARYIABoFAljyxP4THGplcm9tZUBmcjMzdHV4Lm9yZwAKCRAY6JnmgMT/YoA6 AP0YsjJGKA+9NOvw67Pgr0ts3S15hCZASoFGs6+XwqCU5QEA1z7yXc19/6cX5aGo B6R6fLHDSiaN3GpD1frNbIfdewU= =vrLs -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- The signed fingerprint is also available on ToolsLib’s blog.

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Force VirtualBox VMs to use Tor.

Virtual machines are a great tool to run untrusted piece of software. Most of the time, the default networking configuration uses a bridge to allow VMs to communicate. One caveat about this approach is that both VMs and the host will be able to access the same network (like my personal trusted LAN for instance…), something that I definitely don’t want. Multiple solutions exist to isolate the untrusted VMs from the host LAN.

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2016 has been a busy year, a lot of changes happened to me. I: gained some experience about how to deal and manage very large storage clusters during my internship, met very nice people, and some others way less interesting, founded my own company, went to Tallinn, went to Helsinki, gave a talk at La Nuit du Hack along with jvoisin about Tails, moved to Montréal and discovered new feelings at -30°C,

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Montréal - the end.

The past six months in Montréal have been incredible. I’ve discovered new Canadian people, ate Poutine, felt frozen nose and fingers by -30°C… Although I didn’t have time to travel as much as I’ve planned, it was still an amazing journey. Montréal is a very nice city where it’s pleasant to live. It’s not so crowded and there are a lot of parks in addition of the majestuous Mont-Royal. A selection of pictures during my stay: Gallery - Montréal & Gallery - Chicoutimi