2017 in retrospect

Place to the usual New Year retrospective.

2017 has been the first one I spent nearly fully abroad, so travels have taken an important place this year. Since I’ve been living in California for work it was also an important topic - I:

  • have (finally) been graduated from UTBM,
  • released 13 AdwCleaner versions and did cool things at work,
  • wrote several articles,
  • improved my English skills (although my accent is still awful),
  • discovered in details the huge mess of the US immigration system,
  • learnt a lot about the US history and culture.

As expected, travels and hiking took an important place in the last 12 months. I:

This year was really intense in IT-related projects and I had to temporarily let aside a lot of things. I hope 2018 will continue on being professionnally interesting while being more balanced between IT and non-IT projects. Amongst other things:

  • I will do the Tour du Mont Blanc in late July, a ~170Km hike accross France, Italy and Switzerland that I have to seriously train for,
  • I will get back to sailing, a sport I should have never stopped practising (but more on this topic later),
  • AdwCleaner 7.1 will be released, with major improvements to remediate and stop PUPs!

Welcome to 2018!