Ixam-Hosting, a disturbing experiment

I wanted to try Ixam-Hosting to run some Tor-nodes. This was a bad idea, for multiples reasons. I bought on of the cheapest one, to play around, try the bandwith, check the CPU behavior, …

Login page

I received my login and password in clear, by email. Then, I went to the login page to setup my VPS. Surprise, no HTTPS by default, and I gave a try on the port 443…. to obtain a self-signed certificate. And if I try to connect with this certificate, it throws a 404.

So, the only way to connect is in cleartext.


VPS management

Once logged in, we have access to on old fashioned and half working customer panel. The tab dealing with the VPS management doesn’t provide any action. I can boot, reboot or shutdown the VPS, but each of these actions fails :

Action Failed: Virtual server not found


Then, I took a look to the AS with the IP they gave to me. I was expecting something located in Romania as shown in the presentation.

fr33tux@fr33tux ~> whois | grep origin:
origin:         AS16276

AS16276…. is owned by OVH, a french hosting company. And this IP is not in Romania at all.

Well, it’s time to try to connect to the VPS. But no login were provided, VPS seemed down…

Is there someone somewhere ?

I asked the support to close my account and provide a refund if possible (even if it was explicitly written in their FAQ that they don’t).

One week later, still no answer. I logged to the customer panel : maybe the mail notifications were not working… And I was surprised to see that my ticket was simply gone. No trace of it in their ticket system.

No phone number was available, so I decided to create a new ticket. Once again, no answer after two weeks (but I’m still waiting, who knows ? ;) )


Don’t go for ixam-hosting for anything serious. In fact, don’t choose them for anything at all.


~ 10 hours after writing this article, my tickets got an answer :

  • They give me a partial refund
  • The VPS will be shutdowned at the end of the month
  • My customer account will be closed at the same time

So everything is quite fine ! (However, my opinion on this provider is still the same : look for a better one !)