AdwCleaner v7.0.0.0

I have been working on AdwCleaner version 7 since last year during countless hours and week-ends, so I’m happy to get it released a few hours ago!


It’s a complete rewrite in C++ with improved capabilities and fancy features:

//////// v7.0.0.0 - 17/07/17 ////////

This release is a complete rewrite.

[ADD] New graphical interface (responsive and easier to use)
[ADD] New database format, with concept of family
[ADD] Additional actions per family
[ADD] Most of JRT technology now included
[ADD] New database management system
[ADD] Use of a CDN to provide database downloads
[ADD] No longer dependant on 3rd parties dll
[ADD] In-App updater
[ADD] "Submit samples" menu entry

[UPD] Database 2017-07-17.1
[UPD] Updated Generic detections
[UPD] All cleaning modules are more powerful against various system and permissions issues
[UPD] Remediation for browsers faster and no longer corrupt preferences.
[UPD] Scan faster by 15 to 25%
[UPD] Translations coverage improved
[UPD] Handling of process killing
[UPD] Quarantine format, now more robust.

[BUG] No longer dependant on sqlite3.dll
[BUG] Fixed GUI not displaying any graphics in a few cases

I has been interesting to dig more in modern C++ and the jump from the v6 and AutoIT was a pleasure. The Windows API has been definitely less funny to use, but discovering and using undocumented features was still nice

You can get AdwCleaner from the usual download page.

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to get in touch.