A new pad

Alongside the existing Pasthis instance (soon available though an onion service), I often need a collaborative text-editor.

A lot of public Etherpad / Etherpad-lite instances are already available (Framasoft, Riseup, La Quadrature du Net, …), but I was boring to depend on them for a service I was able to host myself, and to configure according to my needs.

That’s why a new collaborative pad is available there : pad.fr33tux.org and is available through an onion service too : padrrxk4lt2x4deo.onion.

Specific settings are set, such as :

  • autorship colors are shown on the left toolbar of the pad, so the reading is easier even with a lot of people contributing to the same pad,
  • statistics metrics are shown (number of words, paragraphs…) with the sixth button of the top right,
  • when exporting, you can choose to share the .onion or the “classic” domain,
  • Markdown edition and export is enabled,
  • Desktop notifications are enabled (but is configurable by each user),
  • Slideshow support : add a few text with Heading 1 style to create the slides titles, add some text between them and go to settings > Slideshow view. You will get a nice slideshow in your browser - quite useful when I’m late at doing some presentations…

The pads database is mirrored and a snapshot is done daily and stored offsite.

If you need a specific feature to be included, please contact me !