Hi, I’m Jérôme.B

Travels, Sailing, Cycling, Computer Science…



Note: This is my personal website. Opinions are my own and not those of my employer, etc.

I have co-founded the company ToolsLib back in 2016 and have acted as its CEO until December 2021, when I decided to move on to new personal challenges.

I am currently working at Malwarebytes mainly as Principal Security Engineer and driving application security internally. I also work on several background including as a Technical Project Manager for AdwCleaner.

I believe everyone online should have access to privacy, that’s why I run a few Signal proxies, a Tor relay and several Snowflake proxies - I strongly encourage you to do the same ;)

I am fond of travelling, cycling and sailing and I (try to) regularly publish new pictures.


My current local time is .