10 new Tor Bridges

It was quite a long time since the last new Tor relays I launched. I temporary received an useless server with a bunch of IPs, so it was the perfect match to provide new Tor Bridges.

Bridges are not public Tor relays, thus they are used to provide access to the Tor network to censored users. There are several ways to get a bridge: some bridges addresses are hardcoded in the Tor Browser Bundle at each release, but they can also be retrieved by email or by a web portail, BridgeDB.

To create this multi-instance Tor server, I used the command tor-instance-create to manage each node.

Their configuration are based on this template:

Address <redacted>
ORPort <redacted>
ExtORPort auto
BridgeRelay 1
ExitPolicy reject *:*
SocksPort 0

ServerTransportPlugin obfs4 exec /usr/bin/obfs4proxy
ContactInfo <tor<a.t>fr33tux.org>
NickName Columbia1

All of them support the obfsproxy pluggable transport to help to bypass censorship.

I chose the nicknames following a talk with Arcaik on the space shuttle Columbia STS-107 accident:

It takes less than an hour to get everything working. Consider to contribute too !