I’m available on Ricochet: ricochet:k54hgi5qjsphyxtk

This website is also accessible through an OnionService : fr33tuxnvcaptbam.onion.

Simple Paste service : 4nxnu47qd2spvyv2.onion - p.fr33tux.org

Collaborative pad instance : padrrxk4lt2x4deo.onion - pad.fr33tux.org

Tor website mirror : e5qcqoax4chithot.onion - tor.fr33tux.org

Tails mirror : 5nah6ublcfxdyb6s.onion - tails.fr33tux.org

In parallel of being part of the Nos-oignons sysadmins, I’m currently operating the following Tor relays with the help of my friend jvoisin :

  • Galaxy - Atlas - Server Astra - 8E70 93C9 28C5 FF8D 8E85 4A31 2002 A582 F131 728F
  • Elena - Atlas - nqhost - 3FFC DAAC 784C 9FB6 6E50 2490 A787 B5B8 AFC6 9E28

I use the Reduced Exit Policy for exit relays.