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Montréal - the end.

The past six months in Montréal have been incredible. I’ve discovered new Canadian people, ate Poutine, felt frozen nose and fingers by -30°C… Although I didn’t have time to travel as much as I’ve planned, it was still an amazing journey. Montréal is a very nice city where it’s pleasant to live. It’s not so crowded and there are a lot of parks in addition of the majestuous Mont-Royal. A selection of pictures during my stay: Gallery - Montréal & Gallery - Chicoutimi

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Orchestre à vents de musiques de films - Zelda: Twilight Princess

A friend invited me to her concert Zelda: Twilight Princess by the Orchestre à vents de musiques de films (OVMF) in Montréal. ticket It’s composed of around fifty musicians who perform films and video games soundtracks with a lot of musical arrangements done by the conductor Jocelyn Leblanc (who founded this orchestra in 2000). All performances are usually sold-out several months before so I have been pretty lucky to get a ticket.

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I'm now part of Malwarebytes

I have been working on AdwCleaner for some time now, and it has progressively gained more and more users. The last few months have seen a huge spike in detections rates (600 million of malicious elements have been detected in 10 weeks). The same trend was observed with our userbase, with an increase in top-500 companies but also individuals. To follow this trend, the development is focused on upcoming features (including a CLI), but also on being more efficient to handle PUP, including the most virulent ones.

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10 new Tor Bridges

It was quite a long time since the last new Tor relays I launched. I temporary received an useless server with a bunch of IPs, so it was the perfect match to provide new Tor Bridges. Bridges are not public Tor relays, thus they are used to provide access to the Tor network to censored users. There are several ways to get a bridge: some bridges addresses are hardcoded in the Tor Browser Bundle at each release, but they can also be retrieved by email or by a web portail, BridgeDB.

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[UPDATE] PGP Key revocation

I’m planning to revoke my pgp key D4B6 7EF6 E356 7C8F 6C18 95E5 4FDF 316A 30ED A25C on the 2016-12-18. I created it in 2013, and quite a lot of stuff happened in these years: it’s time to roll my current key. I’ll publish the new one around a month before the expiration date (so mid-November). It will be signed with the current key. Also, you can find and verify the digest of my current fingerprints: fr33tux.

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Montréal - Semaine 1

Comme expliqué en début d’année, 2016 fait place nette aux voyages. Et aujourd’hui, c’est direction Montréal, au Québec ! La chaleur est bien présente et provoque des orages réguliers.. Mais le ciel est bleu la plupart du temps. Quelques photos prises dans la ville : Gallery - Montréal

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Tails talk during the Nuit du Hack 2016

With jvoisin, I gave a talk during the Nuit du Hack 2016 in a Disneyland’s Hotel in Paris : Tails - security, maintainability and usability, pick three ! The talk was in English (I’m so sorry for my rude accent!) and was pretty well received. Thanks to jvoisin for the invitation and to the whole organisation for the event. The slides are available here, and the sources may be available on the Tails website soon.

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Renewal of toolslib.net SSL certificate

The new certificate for https://toolslib.net is now online. It is valid from 26/04/2016 until 12/05/2017. The new SHA256 fingerprint is : 09:9C:B3:E2:2F:74:BA:F5:A8:99:73:44:0C:D4:B5:4D:AE:52:7C:5A:75:6A:8D:53:3A:43:6C:D5:DB:B5:80:15 You can verify it with my signature : -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE----- Version: GnuPG v2 owEBqQJW/ZANAwAIAU/fMWow7aJcAax5YhN0b29sc2xpYi5jcnQuc2hhMjU2Vx+S izA5OjlDOkIzOkUyOjJGOjc0OkJBOkY1OkE4Ojk5OjczOjQ0OjBDOkQ0OkI1OjRE OkFFOjUyOjdDOjVBOjc1OjZBOjhEOjUzOjNBOjQzOjZDOkQ1OkRCOkI1OjgwOjE1 CokCHAQAAQgABgUCVx+SiwAKCRBP3zFqMO2iXHgzEAC1yyXgEuMboAmtdLWK2+uw 9JiWtz9LcB/x8lQRoNLTzy205w3azSCZ7UUM8FIzceiakj+00FR80qC2Q5ygLLYP SWrEcg03w2MkTLgJGMyoCDK9pVL9tluoywLXKh/qGuP3jhc2ptfY8APyIDFMFatr XXCxubh+WVyph83VRDdu0YmHNKsByYL22iIhDGVgVokkHb8e0AB0CfBJhp9Dg94N 96A75Dod0RARir5d8dj+F6LNuoMXOan858ocX8+iE4MMKCAStsJWOlaiLXsTH/+D OYvbFIXB6LX6kbUVeZgwi/3osuj97pv8K25v+0J2eMyWcxFYrwhycRCGmB03wB01 nx6JMU+7cExOkNDT2yLaiyrPBFS4Lbt1ZhjWOgnemrtb56BQ6/kfWqAU/pShmUaX j2igY38bPNE+sj5u8goDSAtwxE9b/fWhJcjOFh9fEGBp1BZ1JpOy8NExUknPo8NJ FlD+dkfajTAARLW/lOUtTOBNVcRZ66w1LUIo6dgXurQ+3Jbo0XIxcJ7tjLoxrr3z U6dgqwiWuoQ1sQdWiutOuzG0klJ/z4Pxhk/9btGzYBW2UNV3IhQ+ou7nzU5War3w BktN6lToeGjJKpM6zPqLepCJKUWUVtkXrT0qJ/l/SzNgqbSh7Dzng/5QNC5hNuxC IRqTZHliYFOCp1sk4W4rJw== =KQuk -----END PGP MESSAGE----- The signed fingerprint is also available on ToolsLib’s blog.

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ToolsLib new infrastructure

I have been very busy these last weeks to set up the new infrastructure for ToolsLib. It’s a long project which covered the last six months in which it was essential to think about every corner cases we could have and to plan the evolution of the platform in terms of traffic, usages, data quantity… The criteria for the redesign were redundancy, speed & low-latency and security. These points had to be adapted with our increasing traffic and usage.

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Personally, I don't want to take any risk [...]

I went to the art museum La Piscine-Musée d’Art et d’Industrie André Diligent with some friends. We arrived early, so we walked to wait the opening time. There was a lot of people queuing for the entrance. Then, we saw a control gate right after the main door, and everyone gave bags and metal objects (jewellery, keys…), passed through the gate and entered to the museum. It was our turn, all my friends went in, I was the last one, with a backpack.